Creating the container

The challenge of Journey School is to create a space where the implicit can be heard. We have all worked in different mediums, creating these sacred safe spaces. We all have our own way of doing this, our own invitation to enter the space. We might even not recognise fully each other's approaches.

Journey School is a container that is non specific and porous. It is a perimeter,  within which many different doorways to meaning exist. And within the perimeter there is something at the centre which with we can all identify. This centre is not fixed but builds with the experiences of those who cross safely through the boundary.

The form of Journey School has something in common with religious congregations. There is the sacred text at the centre, and the safety of emotional participation carried in the ceremony and the service. In a mirroring of such congregations, Journey School offers a new space for input and revision of a central content. Meaning requires the safety of a container for the journey in order to arrive.

Important - very loose container with something at the centre that can inspire people to meaning without fixing it. The Hub and the Rim principle from the Time, Light and the Dice of Creation book, is enacted in the Journey School.  Hub is the nucleus of the cell or the core of the universe. The spokes are the different paths to meaning. The rim is the container, the holding story of meaning, the Journey School.

Blog drawn from discussion between Mike, Joern, Luzette and Philip Skype 12 February 2016