Einstein’s general theory of relativity in 1915 showed the freedom in the local experience of space and time, is universally compensated for by an exact displacement of space and time through matter. This universal law of compensation is shown to be gravity resolving the freedom in space and time of each observer. The local view is relative, while the universe compensates for that local freedom. Gravity is synchronising all those local freedoms, so that everyone with their mass, has a unique space and time because of their relation to other masses. The universal law of matter is synchronising all the individual local freedoms in a unique way. Even though there is the local freedom of the observer, there is a unique way in which that local freedom is embodied so that everyone has a unique path relative to everyone else, which is gravitational attraction 

To understand this freedom of local reality better, we can take the example of empathy.

Empathy is the universal law that lets us address the freedom of the other, in a way that does not presume what the other is thinking. It is like gravity. It is a universal attitude or universal quality. When we are empathetic we feel that universality that lets us meet the other, allowing them their freedom. And that is very different from trying to impose our own view on the other in their difference, saying our view is right or to passively accept the view of another.

When we allow difference at a local level, we recognise the universal quality that synchronises all differences. It is not a synchronisation that fixes the other. It is a synchronisation that brings us into a certain kind of behaviour with respect to the other.

To take this analogy further I wonder whether the 2015 discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO detector reporting the heavenly omen of a black hole merger 1.3 billion years ago, might be mirrored internally by an empathetic wave, across the globe.   We become part of an experiment seeing alongside the unveiling of our outer universe in the record of darkness, the challenge of our inner nature, in a test of light. .   

As the LIGO Observatory returns to operation in 2017, we all participate in the inner detection of empathetic waves. These detections are ripples on the constitutive basis of our nature, both in external and internal sense. 

Between the news of dark forebodings, there begins to ripple through our global sensitivity another type of awareness, coming from of old. Do share with me your experience of this ripple of empathy?